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The Internet revolutionized the way political campaigns are conducted in Mexico, the USA, and the world, from blogs, social media strategies to Big Data are the platforms or strategies that impact and help decide the vote.


We are experts in digital platforms, marketing, and data science. We have the perfect formula to develop from start to finish an effective political campaign in digital media.

2021 is coming and there are things that will not be postponed, the elections to choose our governors is one of them.

The new reality requires us to adapt to more efficient ways to stay in touch with our constituents.

We are in the most digital moment in history and BWE AGENCY offers you proper and thoughtful strategies to captivate the vote of the necessary market.

Research Communication strategy Branding Creation of social media Analysis Brief Website PRE-CAMPAIGN
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ADS Micro-segmentation according to objectives Digital Media Management Google Positioning Social Media Management INTERCAMPAIGN
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Air Strategy Photography Competition Analysis Video Big Data Political Consulting Public Image Crisis Management Posting scheduling CAMPAIGN
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